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Frequently asked questions

How much will my charter cost?

Be ready for a fun day of wildlife encounters, fun fishing in our beautiful State of Washington. Our rates are generally much lower than the competition. Full day Private Charter rates: 170 / Single fisherman 140 each (2 people) 100 each (1 Parent and 2 children, kids aged 14 and under) All bait, gear, etc. is included One day salt or freshwater licenses only cost $10

What time do trips start?

Big fish like often bite earlier in the day. We will schedule your trip to start in the morning after dawn and adjust the timing based on the season and the kind of fish we are targeting. Beginners and children may want a later start and that is OK too.

Where do I meet the boat?

The meeting dock depends on the Charter. We fish from a very stable center console boat complete with VHF radio, downrigger fishing gear, and full electronics. Puget Sound salmon trips start at the Shilshoal boat launch next to Golden Gardens park and the "Coney" restrauant. Halibut trips meet in Port Angeles Boat Haven launch. A Lake Sammamish wild trout fishing trip starts at the State Park Boat Launch Docks. The road enterance is off East Lake Sammamish Rd, north of Issaquah. This is the southernmost part of the lake.

What kind of fish can we catch?

5 species of salmon (Kings, Silvers, Sockeye, Chum and Pinks), big halibut and various bottom fish can all be caught in Puget Sound. We will target populations of big fish as they migrate in to give you the best chance of hooking up. You can practice catch and release or catch and BBQ. I can clean, fillet and bag your catch for your dinner! Alternatively, you can fish on Lake Sammamish known for wild cutthroat trout. These hard fighting fish are usually16-18" long, but occasionly can be as big as 22" and weigh as much as 4 pounds! Bass and perch are also fun to catch.

What should I wear and bring?

Layered clothing, sun glasses, and sunscreen are a good choice on most days. A windbreaker and/or rain coat are always a good idea here in the Pacific NW. You can bring snacks and drinks. We provide fishing gear, lures, bait, and expertise. $10 fishing licenses are available, but call ahead so we can give you the details (425 883-9896).